The Snow Kids

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The Snow Kids
Coach Aarch
Planet Akillian
Players D'Jok, Micro-Ice, Tia, Mark, Mei, Thran,Yuki, Ahito
Captain D'Jok
Flux The Breath of Akillian

The Snow Kids are the central characters in Galactik Football, they are a team created by Aarch on the planet Akillian. At the end of the first season, they won the Galactik Football Cup.



The Snow Kids were created when Aarch, the former star of the greatest Akillian football team, returned to Akillian with hopes of creating a new team to win the Galactik Football Cup. Most people on Akillian were angry to have him arrive due to the fact that he abandonned Akillian to play for The Shadows after the ice age.

Aarch and Professor Clamp renovated the old frozen Akillian Stadium and held tryouts for anyone who wished to play for the team. Using the Holotraining Cube, Clamp and Aarch put the auditionee's through a series of tests and eventually chose 7 players: D'Jok, Micro-Ice, Mei, Thran, Ahito, Sinedd and Tia. Shortly after the tryouts, Rocket played in the Holotraining in secret however he was observed by Aarch and joined the team as a midfielder and captain. Sinedd however left the team after being taken out of play for Tia due to his selfish playing, he then joined the Shadows.

After the friendly match on the Wamba's planet, Dame Simbai joined as the teams medic.

In season 2, Ahito falls ill due to effects of The Breath and is replaced by his cousin Yuki, also Rocket is suspended from the team due to illegal use of The Breath and was replaced by Mark, a player who was placed on the substitution list after the Akillian tryouts.


  • D'Jok - Striker, Captain
  • Micro-Ice - Striker (referred to as Superstar on Jetix adverts)
  • Tia - Midfielder
  • Mark - Midfielder
  • Mei - Defender
  • Thran - Defender
  • Ahito - Goalkeeper (placed as a substitute after falling ill)
  • Yuki - Goalkeeper (is substitute if Ahito is fit to play)
  • Rocket - Midfielder

Former Players


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