The Smog

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The Smog is a form of flux that has developed specifically to the Shadow Archiplelego. The flux manifests iself as a cloud of black smoke that surrounds the player and ball. The Smog is the flux used by The Shadows.



The Smog is only used when The Shadows play matches and appears to be the only flux in existance that can be used by anyone who wishes to use it. The smog has the unique property to temporarily blind other players aswell as being one of the only flux that allows the player to teleport over short distances.

Aarch, Artegor and Sinedd are three of the most notable footballers who have learnt to use the Smog but are not native to the Shadow's Planet.


In Fluxless, General Bleylock fired a flux bomb at the Shadow Archiplelego, causing a massive explosion and destroying the smog. The Shadows were playing a match against The Pirates when the bomb exploded and were horrified when the smog vanished and causing them to loose the match and eliminating them from the Galactik Football Cup.

The smog returned in Coach Artegor, the shadows were then given permission by the league to play in the semi-finals match against The Xenons, they lost 5:3 however and were once again eliminated.


The Smog is also the only known flux that causes players who use it to become sick, this only occurs if the player is not native to the Planet Shadow (however Artegor appears to have adapted himself to the smog and it doesn't affect him), this has happened to Aarch and Sinedd.


The Smog has very few abilities which limits it but with fewer abilities, they have the stronger power:

  • Teleportation
  • Advanced Strenth
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