The Charge

From Akillian

The Charge is a form of flux that has developed specifically to the Lighning Planet. The flux manifests itself as white lightning that surrounds the player and ball when used. The Charge is the flux used by The Lightnings.


Little is known about The Charge as it is one of the least used fluxes in the series. The Charge is given its name because of its appearance as white lightning and the electrical buzz it makes when it is being used. The Charge is also one of the two fluxes that allow the user to teleport short differences (the other being The Smog). The most notable player known who uses The Charge is Warren.

Forms and Abilities

Like The Smog, The Charge only has two abilities:

  • Teleportation (Unlike when performed with the smog, The Charge creates a small wall of lighning whenever the teleportation is used.)
  • Advanced Strength
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