The Breath of Akillian

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Aarch using The Breath

The Breath of Akillian (more commonly known as The Breath) is a form of Flux that has developed specifically to the planet Akillian. The flux manifests itself a cloud of blue energy that surrounds the player and the ball when used on it. The Breath is the flux used by The Snow Kids.


The Breath was the flux that was found in the players of Akillian, Aarch and Norata are two of the earliest people shown to use the Breath. During the final qualification match on Akillian 15 years prior the series, there was a explosion caused by The Metaflux which caused Akillian to change its orbit causing the ice age and causing the Breath of Akillian to Vanish.

It wasn't until 15 years later in A New Hope that the breath used by Tia during the tryouts for Aarch's new Akillian Football Team. From then on, other members of The Snow Kids began to develop the breath. It was shown 4 years after the original Snow Kids team won the cup that others from Akillian could manifest the breath as Mark managed to gain the ability during a match against the Womba's.


Thran's Flux Shield

The breath has many uses and can be used for a variety of uses as shown below:

  • Superhuman speed, jump and in areas strength
  • Creating a shield to block against other flux's
  • Super sight (allowing the player to view all possible angles)
  • Slows down people falling from great heights

Notable users of The Breath

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