Cyclops Flux

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The Cyclops Flux

The Cyclops' Flux (the true name is unknown) is a form of flux that has developed specifically to the Cyclops Planet. The flux manifests itself as a stream of green rings that emit from the eye of the user. This flux is used by The Cyclops.


Very little is known about this flux as it has only been used once in the entire series against Sinedd in The Missing Link. The Flux appears to have telepathic properties as it directly attacks the mind. The flux also only appears to work if the target looks directly into the eye of the user.

When used, the cyclops' eye revolves quicky emitting a fast stream of green rings that appear to telepathically damage the mind.

Sinedd affected by the flux

Forms and Abilities

Much is still unknown about this flux and only one ability is known:

  • Mental Disorientation
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