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Akillian is the home planet of The Snow Kids. It is the central location for most of the first season and a couple of episodes in the second. The native flux to the planet is The Breath of Akillian.


Akillian was once a beautiful planet with lush forests and thriving cities, however when The Metaflux exploded during the Galactik Football Cup qualifying match, the force caused the planet to tilt on its axis, plunging the entire planet into a Ice Age that has lasted over 19 years (prior to the start of season 2).

At the beginning of the series, the planet is covered in ice and snow. Certain areas of the planet are still populated however other areas of the large cities are encased in ice, one of which being the old Akillian Stadium. With the stadium considered cursed, football on Akillian has long remained absent except for Artegor Nexus's team The Red Tigers. It wasn't until Aarch arrived and assembled the SNow Kids that Akillian was recognised after 15 years of silence. And after the Snow Kids won the galactic football cup, Akillian was praised.

In season two, the status of the planet has not changed and has currently only been shown in one episode, The Homecoming.

Notable Places on Akillian

  • Planet Akillian - A large restaurant where Mara-Ice works, considered to be the temple of football fans on Akillian. It is the most seen location on Akillian in the series.
  • Akillian Stadium - Considered cursed after the events that occured 15 years prior to the series, the stadium was renovated by Aarch and Clamp and is the home training grounds for the Snow Kids.
  • Rocket's Cave - A small cave that has been renovated by Rocket to hide his secret passion for football from his father.
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